A selection of recent publications that explore various aspects of choral music, choirs and choral leadership, and the art of singing in a choir.

Article: Choral Music in Germanyvoicesmiclogo

Singing Social Inclusion: Towards the Applicability of German Approaches to Community Building in Australian Choral Music

In Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy, [S.l.], v. 16, n. 3, May. 2016. ISSN 1504-1611. doi:10.15845/voices.v16i3.852

Interview for Switch On: SBS Radio

German speakers and fans can listen to an interview about my 2014 research trip to Germany for SBS Radio’s Youth Program, Switch On. Two original works,”This Our Home” and “Laura’s Song” (see compositions) also make cameo appearances during the interview!  My thanks to Manuel Zabel and SBS Radio (interview starts at 4:55).


The Changing Tune of Choral Singing in Germany


In July 2015, I wrote an article for Sing Out, the Journal of the Australian National Choral Association, including an overview of my 2014 Australian German Association Fellowship and ideas to develop Australian community choral music in particular: ANCA Article (4.6MB, .pdf)

Score Reading Guide for Choral Singers: the Basics

Score reading basics SAMPLEIn 2013, I prepared a guide and cheat sheet to help those who are new to singing in a choir and/or reading music with the basics: key terms and concepts for choir singing, symbols, notation, etc, . Here is a sample page of the score reading guide (225KB, .pdf).

Please contact me for details about how to obtain a copy.

Community Choral Singing in Germany: Report to the Australian German Association (2014)

LESKE AGA Presentation 2014

I was awarded the 2013 Australian German Association Fellowship to explore community choral singing in Germany and the lessons for Australia. I completed the three month fellowship in 2014 and presented my report in early 2015: Fellowship Report (4.3MB, .pdf)

The Melbourne Gay and Lesbian Youth Chorus: Community Through Song

ANCA Magazine 2013

In June 2013, Joanne Wilson and I co-authored an article about the Melbourne Gay and Lesbian Youth Chorus for the Australian National Choral Association’s Sing Out magazine.  The article explores the development of the Youth Chorus since its founding in 2005 and the ongoing importance of the group for its members: June 2013 ANCA Article (1.4MB, .pdf)

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