original music

Mianjin Millen (2016)

Commissioned by the Brisbane Pride Choir in 2015, scored for SATB choir, piano and percussion.


Premiered Saturday 28 May 2016 at “Belonging” concert of the Brisbane Pride Choir (performance begins 4:45).


This Our Home (2013)

BPLESKE This Our Home Sept14

Composed for the Melbourne Gay and Lesbian Youth Chorus in 2013.

Scored for SATB choir, piano and percussion, it allows members to explore what home means to them through song or speech.


“No Place I’d Rather Be” Major Concert (2014), James Tatouis Auditorium, MLC: Youtube Performance Footage


“Same Love” Youth Chorus Fundraiser Concert (2013)

75 on Reid: Youtube Performance Footage


Laura’s Song (1999)

Original composition for cello and piano (1999); adapted for piano trio (2001).

Live Performance:

Fiorini Trio, Barossa Music Festival 2001

Piano trio adaptation commissioned by the London-based Fiorini Trio, Barossa Music Festival Spring Academy for Composers performance, Peter Lehmann Winery, 2001




Other compositions

Irish Blessing (2014) – for unaccompanied SATB chorus

The Cloud Nine theme song (2013) – for unaccompanied SSA Chorus

Gloria in Excelsis Deo(1997) – for SATB chorus and string octet

Wind Theme (1997) – for solo piano: 1997 recording by Graeme Tyler

Rebellé (1997) – for symphonic band and two pianos

TripleB FM sting (1997) – for unaccompanied SATB voices

Masquerade (1996) – for symphonic band

Conglomerations (1996) – for string orchestra

Contemplations (1995) – for concert band

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