I am a freelance choral conductor, facilitator, composer and arranger with a particular interest in choral singing and social inclusion. I specialise in working with amateur singers and lead community choirs. I run workshops that facilitate personal growth and development through singing. Put simply, I enable people to be brave and to surprise themselves as choral singers. I bring out their best.

I am known for the quality and excellence of my work, and I lead with patience, kindness, and creativity.

My practical choral work is backed by many years’ experience as a music director of a host of youth and adult choirs, designing concerts and experiences for singers.

My PhD research into community choral music underpins my work. I am based in the National Music Therapy Research Unit at The Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (The University of Melbourne). I research how singing in a choir can foster social inclusion, and integrate the things I learn in my studies into everything I do.  


More about Ben’s musical background

  • Nine years’ experience leading community choral groups, musical projects and singing workshops
  • Formal qualifications in music, specialising in aural pedagogy and the Kodaly method (University of Queensland)

When not working with choral groups, I am an avid follower of international politics, Australian foreign policy and all things German…

If you’d like to know more, please contact me!

Ben Leske

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