Setting the scene: Introducing key themes

As I wait for feedback on my thesis, I set out in the following series of blog entries my findings, drawing upon my study of the Melbourne Gay and Lesbian Youth Chorus (now, shOUT Youth Chorus). There are a number of novel themes to emerge from the study that I look forward to exploring further in subsequent publications and presentations.

Background summarises my PhD and what I found through the interviews. Reflecting on these findings:

Part 1 explores the role of the choral leader as a “musical curator” within community music settings;

Part 2 sets out my notion of “gentle activism” within the emerging discourse of the teaching and learning of choral music for young people of diverse gender and sexuality (for Charles Beale (2017), the notion of a queer choral pedagogy), how it differs from the “quiet activism” Beale describes, and how it is manifest in the case of the Youth Chorus;

Part 3 takes up Beale’s practical challenge to compose for queer choirs, and proposes an alternative, “SATB inclusive” music composition style for suitable pieces.